Sigma unveils new logo

Founded in 1982, Sigma is a German company producing electronic equipment for cycling. Its product range includes bike lighting systems, navigation gadgets and monitor watches for cyclists. With a new brand positioning orienting more towards younger and international customers, Sigma is changing its visual identity. At the beginning of the biking season, it has presented a new logo which is considered to be “a starting point to the future”.

The introducing of the new emblem also marks the start of a range of undertakings to improve the image of the company and influence mobility changes, as a Sigma press-release says.

Sigma’s updated logo represents two overlapping triangles, as a reflection of mountain peaks, and a zigzag line between them, symbolizing a route. The stylized peaks and route are intended to convey “personal goals which bikers reach, using the products of the company.


Black and red are still a part of Sigma’s brand style, mirroring the passion for sports and technology as well as the brand’s authenticity for over 40 years. The green color was added to express love for nature. As for the wordmark, although the letterforms were redrawn, the previous version’s general look and slope have been kept.