Shelter: Fighting for home

Established in 1966, Shelter is a British registered charity that helps people tackle housing issues, fighting against homelessness. Recently, the organization undertook a research which showed that more than 30% of adults in the UK are experiencing housing problems. To draw public attention to this fact and urge governmental institutions to change the situation, Shelter has launched the Fight For Home campaign that is going to be accompanied by the charity’s new visual identity.

Shelter’s new branding was forged by the Superunion design studio that in its work, departed from the organization’s spirit of activism. For an effective struggling and focusing on housing issues, it needed bright images which would correspond the charity’s ebullient determination to uphold a right for a safe home for everyone.

And this idea was incarnated into Shelter’s new logo executed with wide red brush strokes. It looks like a roof and an upwards arrow simultaneously, being a sign of urgency demanding the attention. Replacing the old generic wordmark with a slight allusion to a home, it is an easily drawn yet expressive symbol of the charity and its philanthropic activity

The same “brushy” style was also used for the Shelter lettering as well as other visual elements like posters, brochures and promotional videos.