Schibsted gets a new “unifying force” identity

Established in 1839 as a publishing house, Norway-based Schibsted has gradually grown up to an international media group. Today, the media giant has its branches in the Scandinavia, Baltics, France, Italy and other European countries. Through the acquisition of several agencies from Trader Classified Media, Schibsted entered the South American market.

While settling new business fields, the company is ready to renew its identity. Recently, it has presented a new logo. Although it is, at first sight, a plain wordmark, as opposed to the previous S symbol, the updated logotype remarkably distinguished by the initial “S” featuring pixels and dots, and that could be used as a single emblem.
According to a Schibsted press release, the new identity is intended to make the brand more recognizable, shedding some light on the company’s activities. This look will improve business promotion through social media and other online resources.
The logo has been created by the Stockholm-based design studio Bold. As the designers say, the concept was influenced by the fact that Schibsted is, in essence, a union that includes different trademarks and products. So, the design in the dotted pattern of the “S” reflects the idea of a unifying force.