Sauer reveals its new logo and packaging design

Sauer Brands Inc., global food manufacturer, unveiled a new look for its wide range of assortment, i.e. 175 items, which include spices, extracts, seasoning mixes, rubs, gravies and condiments.


The challenging task of renovating was entrusted to Elevation, Richmond-based advertising and marketing agency, which started its work on the makeover in 2017. The corporate logo also underwent redesign, that was done with due regard for the Sauer’s long history.


As for packaging, now bottles obtain a unique for spices green colour scheme and the word mark is printed in a larger type. All the changes are done to make it easier for consumers to quickly find the necessary product among other spices. Besides, the redesigned packaging has got a premium feel, that complies with the quality products Sauer’s offers to its consumers for around 130 years.