Sage Group switches to a brighter visual identity

Founded in Newcastle, UK, in 1981, Sage Group, an enterprise software developer, is currently refreshing its brand image, and thus its logo. The overhauled visual identity has to reflect Sage’s values and new experiences for clients, as the company explains.

Sage Group, according to its own statements, is a leading enterprise in the cloud solutions market for corporate management, and while having a staff of 13,000 employees, is one of the largest software companies in Europe. Updating its look, the company is aiming to overcome some difficulties in branding, elaborate a comprehensive understanding of the market, and interconnect its clients, employees, and stakeholders.

For the new logo, the company has kept a wordmark pattern, switching, however, from more or less conventional Magnum Sans font to extravagant letterforms with smooth curves. In addition, the company’s traditional green was brightened to an acidic shade. This design certainly gives the brand a strong individuality.

The rebranding of Sage is a striking example of how companies have increasingly used brighter RGB colors lately when renovating their visual identities. Many of them communicate through digital media only. In this regard, it’s more reasonable to use the RGB color system which includes more solid and brighter colors, compared to CMYK.