Reebok introduces a new logo with vintage elements

On November 6th, Adidas-affiliated English sportswear company Reebok released a statement announcing a new brand image. It will be a new combination of the company’s iconic vector logo and the “drop-R” wordmark. These elements met on a Reebok emblem back in 1990s, but this time, they’ve got a new design disclosing the evolution of the brand.

While all the items of the Reebok apparel and shoe model ranges will be branded with the new logo only since 2020, the company is going to release a sample series of sportwear products featuring the newly introduced emblem this month. The rebranding emphasizes Reebok’s rich history, while bringing its heritage to our times and continuing it to the future, the statement says.
According to the company’s president Matt O’Toole, with the new unified identity, all the Reebok brand lines will reflect the Reebok spirit in a straight and steadfast way. As the firm aims to be a leader among sportswear brands, it exerts itself to make its products unite fitness and fashion. While trying to stand out in its niche, Reebok wipes design borders between its lifestyle line-ups and sports apparel collections. And the refreshed brand will help to express this trend.