QBP reveals new logo

Founded in St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1981, Quality Bicycle Products is the US largest distributor of bicycle parts and accessories. The company is well-known in the bicycle industry for the brand models it owns and sells, including the All-City, Handspun, Surly, Civia and other. To celebrate its 40-year journey and reflect the growth it made together with its suppliers and retailers, QBP has unveiled a new visual identity.

Although QBP hasn’t officially changed its name, it notes, however, that its partners and customers often refer it as “Quality” or simply “Q”, and the company considers this nickname as a sign of recognition and respectfulness. So it chose the Q as a symbol for its new logo.
Replacing the old insignia the company had used for 14 years, the new emblem represents a big letter “Q” designed as a bicycle circuit with a proper salmon orange color. It is accompanied by a deep brown company wordmark in an all-caps sans-serif typeface. Overall, the logo looks clear with sharp lines and curves, telling comprehensibly about the activity of the business.
QBP’s president Rick Tauer says the logotype is highly symbolic, being a sign of the company’s unifying role in the industry as Quality Bicycle Products is gratefully acknowledging and appreciating its status granted by its numerous partners.