Publishers Association presents new brand to strengthen its communications

Preparing to celebrate its 125th anniversary, Publishers Association has carried out a rebranding. The organization’s new brand includes a logo and a refreshed design for PA’s website. The new look is intended to convey the creativeness and rapid changes in today’s publishing industry.

According to PA’s chief executive officer Stephen Lotinga, the new brand has to demonstrate the association’s aspiration to make its doings in the field of communications more active amid the challenges of the contemporary business world.

Lotinga also added that the organization’s governing body has closely collaborated with the PA members to draw up an idea that the new brand would express. Both the new logotype and digital materials are a solid platform for the Publishers Association to develop ties with people and companies and support the industry by providing a strong voice for it in society and government.

PA’s external affairs deputy director Ruth Howells said the new emblem may have different interpretations. It reflects the main formats of publishing industry – physical, audio and digital. The logo also tells that the Publishers Association brings together businesses that differ from each other by specialization and scope. Overall, it symbolizes the unifying character of the organization.