PBS unveils a new brand for the digital age

Regardless of changing political and social topics, PBS is staying one of the popular broadcasters and the most trusted institution in the United States. According to some researches, it is regularly watched by 80% of the households, and the high percentage can be explained through the high-quality programming and good reachability of PBS using the traditional TV technology. That helps the network to keep up with competitors implementing digital innovations.

Although the Public Broadcasting Service enjoys its popularity, the modern trends make it bring some changes into its identity. Recently, the broadcaster has unveiled a new brand created in collaboration with the New York-headquartered design agency Lippincott. According to the agency, creating a new look for PBS was a revitalizing an American icon for the digital age. And developing the outstanding brand was a real challenge for the designers.
While the previous logo introduced ten years ago was considered to be with “a lot of strength”, nevertheless, it didn’t fit visually for the modern multiplatform broadcasting paradigm. So, it was refreshed by recoloring in blue and expanding the PBS wordmark. Such a design is bold, clear and vibrant, and the logo will look legible and consistent on any type of devices.