Paxcom: A logo for e-business technology

Technology company Paxcom offering e-business solutions has announced a rebranding that includes a new logo and design for the corporate web-site. The decision follows the company’s merger with Paymentus which manages electronic payment services.

According to Paxcom’s general director Punit Sindhwani, the company has always believed in continuous development and rethinking. Refreshing its visual identity, Paxcom is commending its employees and clients for being a part of its journey.

Paxcom’s new wordmark logo has unconventional, futuristic letterforms that are curiously distinguished with unclosed apertures in the “P” and “A”, a wide “X” and an overlapping “M”. This design solution emphasizes the bold technological direction of the company, as a Paxcom statement says. The logo’s dark blue along with white and gray will make up the company’s brand color palette from now. The colors symbolize simplicity and honesty – the values associated with Paxcom – while being in harmony with the light blue of the Paymentus brand.

Sindhwani says this more than just a new logo as it reflects the business’ commitment to its values based on technologies. Since the early 2020, Paxcom has been experiencing growth to 120% and expects its income to triple over the next two years. With this, most of the growth occur in the markets of the North America and Asia, Sindhwani added.