Papa John’s rebrands, with slightly changed name and new logo

The pizza chain Papa John’s has carried out a rebranding that is said to have to distance the company from its scandalous founder and former CEO John Schnatter. However, removing an apostrophe from its name, the chain faced a controversial reaction from consumers.

The company’s altered name “Papa Johns”, meanwhile, is the focus of criticism. Some people find it disorienting as it has an unclear meaning now. Is Johns a new last name of Papa or are there multiple Papa Johns?

And, naturally, the new name comes with a new logo that follows the modern design trends. Dropping the green framing with the Pizza ribbon on top, the Papa Johns wordmark is now executed in a different typeface and a lighter shade of red called Tangy tomato, while the Fresh basil green was chosen for the new slogan “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza”. All of this creates a clear and bright look, fitting a modern food brand. And we saw alike design solutions in the emblems of Burger King and Popeyes.

Despite critical remarks about its refreshed name and logo, Papa Johns says its visual identity is intended to “make the company’s experience more modern and build a deeper emotional connection with customers, team members, and communities”.