Orange City Tulip Festival presents new logo for its 80th anniversary

Those who adore vibrant festivities or carnivals with lively music and dances in authentic costumes, with parades, delicious food and huge amount of flowers will be glad to visit the Dutch Orange City Tulip Festival, which is already actively prepared by its organisers and residents of the city.

The Tulip Festival is held every year on the third weekend in May, when tulips are in abundance. But the next celebration is going to be a special one as it will be the 80th anniversary of the merry holiday devoted to the delicate spring flower and giving praise to the local traditions and customs. The new logo of the coming event is ready by now and has been revealed by the Orange City Tulip Festival Executive Steering Committee this week.


To create the emblem of the remarkable Fest the organizers invited local graphic designer Vaughn Donahue from Destination Graphic. The resulting mark shows modern features in the refreshed design, at the same time preserving the traditional look of the emblem.


The eagerly-anticipated anniversary celebration will be held on the 14-16 of May.