OnePlus’ new logo shows up online

After the release of its OnePlus 7T in September 2019, the Chinese company slowly began a rebranding process with some tendency of simplification in design. Recently, this has been confirmed by a new OnePlus logo that is said to be created for the smartphones the manufacturer is going to launch in 2020.

Actually, the information about the new logo comes from China’s National Trademark Office. OnePlus filed its trademark application as early as November 2019 and got it approved just a few days ago.

Although the logotype’s general form wasn’t changed, having kept the iconic “1+” symbol, the emblem received a little bit different design. First of all, it dropped the red color and turned black. The changes also include new fonts. While the old logo’s “1” was in a “digital” style, the new “one” looks more traditional. Both the “1+” sign and “OnePlus” wordmark are thicker now. We could see the same font in the OnePlus 7T.

The new logo is expected to appear in the OnePlus 8 series as well as some its peripherals. There are some rumors that this smartphone is going to be released on April 15th. However, the brand-new OnePlus emblem itself may officially be presented on March 18th, according to the news agency GizChina.