Off-White changes the logo amid legal battles

Louis Vuitton’s artistic director Virgil Abloh, who created his own brand Off-White in 2012, has announced a new logo for his invention. Usually, Off-White is associated with arrows, diagonal lines and question marks, but this time, it gets a really unconventional design.

The new logotype represents words “Off” and “White” with a face between them, and under each word, there is a hand. Virgil Abloh’s subscribers on Instagram have already seen that he shared sketches of the upcoming logo earlier. Abloh has confirmed the rebranding by retweetning an NSS magazine article which supposed that Off-White was going to change its main symbol.
The rebranding is taking place in the midst of Off-White’s legal tensions with Helly Hansen. The Norwegian textile producer accuses Virgil Abloh’s brand of having copied the same striped patterns that have been used by Helly Hansen for 35 years. So, by changing the logo, Off-White, maybe, tries to avoid any copyright suits in the future.
The new logo will appear on all the fashion label items of the 2020 spring collection including t-shirts, sweetshirts as well as the accessories that have been shown at the recent Paris Fashion Week.