Nissan files trademarks for new corporate logo and Z-series

Following BMW, Nissan is ready to update its logo. Reportedly, the company filed a trademark application for the British and South American markets. Judging on the Nissan sketches, the new logotype confirms the current design trends while showing off minimalistic traits and loosing its customary chrome-inspired look.

In general, the new Nissan logo is flatter compared to the current one. Keeping its circular form, it is distinguished with a monochromatic design as well as arcs that surround the centered wordmark and are not connected with it. Although the Nissan wordmark itself follows the overall design, it retains the traditional letterforms with the recognizable curves in the “S”’s.

Apparently, the logo was influenced by the badge of the Ariya concept presented at the Tokyo Motor Show last year. The new emblem as a sign of technical renovation is supposed to mark automaker’s electric vehicles. Probably, the first car with the new badge on the hood will be the new-gen Nissan EV.

In addition, Nissan has created a logo for its Z series. While the 2020 corporate logo showcases a new motif, the Z emblem is a reminiscence of one of the previous badge designs. Being a serif letter, the slashed Z reminds the badge of the Nissan 240Z produced from 1969 to 1978.