Nielsen: A logo for market research company

Founded in 1923, Nielsen Holdings is a market measurement company that has subsidiaries in more than 100 countries, employing almost 45,000 people across the world. The company has recently presented its new visual identity which is intended to reflect Nielsen’s renovated corporate culture and strategy.

As Jamie Moldafsky, Nielsen’s marketing department head, explains, the rebranding that was completed a few days ago marks the company’s new image both inside and outside, including the strategy mostly oriented towards the global audience and changing media environment. Nielsen’s basic values, consisting in inclusiveness, boldness, and growth along with a clear strategy, will stimulate the transformation of the company as it cooperates with the industry and its customer to help them understand how the developing audience finds and consumes the media content.


The company’s previous logo was introduced in 2006 when the preceding enterprise Verenigde Nederladse Uitgeverijen had been renamed to Nielsen Company. The new visual identity revolves around the emblem made up of four triangles while the space between them forms an “N”.

The bright colors of the triangles symbolize, according to the company, the diversity, and richness of the media industry. The triangular forms should be taken as an allusion to the Play button. Not only the logo includes triangles – these figures are repetitive elements of Nielsen’s new corporate design.