News 12 Networks unveil new identity

The News 12 Networks broadcasting for the New York metropolitan area have begun a process of rebranding. Recently, they have presented a new graphic design and logo forged by Thornberg & Forester, a creative agency and digital production company. At first, News 12’s overhauled look has been demonstrated on the Bronx and Brooklyn stations. Soon, it will appear on the other channels of the network.

While the broadcaster’s old logo featured yellow lettering “NEWS12” and black “NETWORKS” beneath, the new one represents only lowercase “news12” in two hues of blue that, as a statement of the network says, symbolizes the impetuously changing essence of news. The typeface design is distinguished with wide strokes and large curves of the letters and numbers as well as the extra bend in the “n”.

Microphone flags and some other technical elements will carry another version of the logotype with the word “news” sitting over the “12” which will be in a wider typeface and yellow color as a reference to the network’s previous emblem.

The new logo is only a part of the design refreshments including new visual images, graphics with moving stringers and typography for subtitles and creeping line tickers.