New York Guardians unveil a secondary logo for the 2020 XFL season

Just a half an hour after the Times Square Ball descended down and 2020 began, the New York Guardians rolled out their secondary logo in a post on Twitter, saying “New year. New decade. New logo”. Moreover, they are the first XFL team who have unveiled an alternate symbol so far, ahead of the inaugural 2020 XFL season planned to start on February 5th.

While the Guardians’ main emblem reprsents a gray lion with red fangs, the new secondary logotype features the stylized initials of the team – an “N” and a “Y” inside apertures of a big “G”. This letter combination coincides with the initials of the New York Giants of the National Football Legue, with whom the Guardians share the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford. It’s unclear yet if the players will wear this logo on their jerseys, but the NYG-branded merchendise will surely be available at the team’s official stores soon.

With a month prior to the XFL relaunch, the Guardians are currently training in their camp in New Jersey, after that they will go to Houston to play some exhibition games. The team will play their first official game against the Tampa Bay Vipers on February 9th.