New identity for DonorChoose

Since 2000, DonorsChoose gives an opportunity for school projects to get direct donations from individuals. This non-profit organization can be considered as a pioneer of crowdfunding. It has been highly rated among charity institutions for 15 years. Thanks to DonorChoose, schools can get different materials for their classrooms or organize educational events for students. More than 80% of the US public schools got their projects funded through DonorsChoose.

After almost 20 years of helping teachers and students, time has come for DonorsChoose to make some refreshment of its visual identity, and this task was fulfilled by the New York-based design studio Hyperakt.
The non-profit’s old logo featured a classroom chair that, at its start, was explaining its field of activity. Now, when DonorChoose has become well-known and beloved, it needs a symbol that would reflect its rightful place and recognition in the community. So, the new logotype represents a two-line wordmark in a bold and cheerful font specially developed by Hyperakt. Along with the blue color, which prevails in the site design, it gives a perception of playfulness and reminds that DonorChoose benefits children, and learning has to bring fun.