Montgomery-based Faulkner University introduces a new logo

The new Faulkner logo has been created only this year, though the idea to renew the university symbol appeared several years ago. It has been presented at the Annual Benefit Dinner. The event was attended by a special guest, Nikki Haley, the former US Ambassador to the United Nation.

The new logo, made by studio Designs by Hahn, looks like a real crest. The university’s community wanted it to reflect high education standards, the campus traditions and Christian principles as Faulkner is affiliated with the Churches of Christ.

The central part of the logo, accompanied by the “F”, represents the Rothunda, a building constructed in the campus territory, and the cross in the middle is a reminder of the university’s Christian character. It was the Rothunda’s spire that was depicted on the university’s old f-logotype. According to Patrick Gregory, Faulkner’s marketing director, it has to make the new logo recognizable by the the current students and alumni who could be proud of their “alma mater”.

By renewing the logo, the Faulkner University shows its aspiration not only to keep its heritage, but also to develop educational activity and campus culture.