Metz FC presents new Cross of Lorraine logo

Following the Angers SCO, one more team of Ligue 1 has updated their emblem. Coming back to the France’s football top division in the 2019/2020 season, the Metz FC is willing to go on moving towards modernization including its look.

The latest change of the Metz’s visual identity was in 2000 when the club refreshed its dragon-and-cross logo with a simpler and clearer design and color palette. Now, “Les Grenates”, named so for their the ruby garnet color of their jerseys, have presented the most dramatic redesign in their history.


While the dragon Graoully, which was defeated by St. Clement of Metz, according to a legend, and cross of Lorraine have been used as the club’s symbols for 55 years, the new logo lacks the legendary creature, and the cross received a new shape with sloped top and bottom ends. Recently, the two-bar cross has been depicted on the team’s jerseys more often than the official logo. So, choosing it as the only symbol of the Metz FC is quite understandable, especially since simpler shapes fit more for promoting in the modern world.

As an official statement says, a recent survey showed that 69% of the club’s fans consider the Cross of Lorraine as the best symbol to represent the Metz FC.