Mayo Clinic gets a partner in South Dakota

As a part of its Care Network program, the Mayo Clinic set an affiliation with Regional Health of Rapid City, South Dakota. While joining the US number-one healthcare institution, Regional Health is going to rebrand itself and change its name to Monument Health.

Visually, Regional Health’s new identity is expressed by a new logo which represents a five-diamond “M” with the lettering “Monument Health”. The “M”’s five sections, according to Paulette Davidson, the organization’s president, reflect five main things in the activities of Regional Health: upscale clinical care, commitment to provide great jobs, giving experience for doctors and healthcare staff, interaction with the local communities and keeping traditions for coming generations.
As for the new name for Regional Health, it is intended to express healthcare provider’s status in the region. “Monument Health” gives a perception of solidness and reliability, telling that the institution is an important and constant participant of community life.
Although Regional Health will be affiliated to the Mayo Clinic, it will keep its management independence. At the same time, joining the Mayo Clinic Care Network will allow the South Dakota doctors to be connected to Mayo’s databases and get an opportunity to hold joint consultations with the specialists of the Mayo Clinic.