Major brands change their logos for the age of Coronavirus

Companies across the globe are canceling events and campaigns because of the Coronavirus pandemic. The biggest brands are temporarily changing their logos to call people for “social distancing”.

Two major German automakers, Audi and Volkswagen, modified their logos by splitting elements, showing how distancing is important.

Volkswagen Coronavirus

Now the letter “V” on the Volkswagen emblem is separated from “W”.

audi Coronavirus

The rings of the Audi insignia are also remote from each other, showing social responsibility.

One of the first companies to change their logo was California-based creative agency Partners in Crime. The handshake on their emblem was replaced by a brofist image.

Partners Crime logo Coronavirus

Mercado Libre, one of the largest delivery service providers in Latin America followed the trend and removed handshake from its logo. Now there are two arms, touching their elbows.

Mercado Libre logo Coronavirus

McDonald’s separates the iconic “M” into two arches, supporting the WHO recommendation on social distance.

McDonalds logo Coronavirus

Coca-Cola also split its nameplate into parts, as an act of Covid-19 solidarity.

Coca-Cola logo Coronavirus

Many brands add tag lines to their logos, accenting the importance of maintaining distance and reminding that health is the most important thing.