Mahindra introduces new brand logo for SUV line-up

The Indian car brand Mahindra has presented a new logo. The XUV700 will be the first vehicle that will get it.

According to the company, the new emblem reflects Mahindra’s aspiration to produce luxury SUVs. The presented visual identity reveals the manufacturer’s endeavors to create an exclusive brand of striking car models to test the market. The design, rolled out by the firm, is intended to evoke a real feeling of freedom.

The logo, which has already been nicknamed “Twin Peaks” online, was created by Mahindra’s in-house design team. It represents two 3D abstract figures that, while symmetrically placed next to each other, resemble an “M”. The insignia’s metallic tint corresponds with the design traditions of the auto logos.

The unveiling of the logo can be considered a strategic measure as a part of the authentic SUV development. In due course, the Indian car maker will present a range of new models including the XUV700. The brand’s divisions will soon switch to a different design and color gamma emphasizing the boldness and maneuvering ability of the Mahindra cars.

Among other hues of the brand color palette, red and gray will prevail. The current Mahindra logo is planned to be used for farm equipments and commercial vehicles.