Iowa National Guard changes the logo under a new command

The Iowa National Guard has recently unveiled its new logo. The idea of the renewing comes from Maj. Gen. Benjamin Corell, who was appointed as a new commander of the military agency in this August by governor Kim Reynolds. Featuring a “Minuteman”, the logotype is created in a patriotic red-white-blue coloring.

The design of the logo has been carried out by Sgt Katharine Silent Water who is experienced in graphics and design. For her work, she was inspired by the iconic Minuteman monument raised in the National Historical Park in Concord, Massachusetts. The Minuteman is depicted against the background of the American flag formed as Iowa’s cut-out. Also, some new graphic details were added.
As Col. Michael Wunn, a spokesman of the state’s National Guard, said, the unit’s new emblem perfectly expresses the aspiration of the Guard members to serve and protect Iowa and the United States.
Indeed, the Minuteman is a good symbol of people’s patriotism as the minutemen were just town residents and farmers who formed militia groups to fight for the American Revolution. Once informed of an attack, the showed excellent mobility, being ready in a moment. That’s why they were called minutemen.