Independent Natural Food Retailer Association changes its brand

Initiated by four retailers at the 2004 Expo West and officially established in 2005, the Independent Natural Food Retailer Association (INFRA) aims at supporting natural food retailers by sharing resources, joint purchasing and improving their operations. Celebrating its 15th anniversary, the St. Paul-based organization has recently carried out a rebranding which will be officially introduced in the beginning of 2020.

According to Schulte King, INFRA’s marketing director, 15 years is a significant period to bring some changes into the visual identity that would reflect the achievements of the institution. As of today, INFRA unites over 40 Associate Retailers and 250 members, and with this scale, it should be represented by something more than the grocery bag it has had so far.
INFRA’s new identity was developed by the Haberman studio in Minneapolis. Positioning itself as “modern storyteller for pioneers”, Haberman specializes in creating brands for agricultural companies and food providers. Designers were working on the INFRA brand for almost a year, and the organization’s members, stakeholders and partners took part in the process. The association’s new logo representing a stylized hand with a sprout symbolizes INFRA’s aspiration provide natural and healthy foods to consumers.