IESF unveils new visual identity

Established in 2008, the International Esports Federation is an organization advocating electronic sports across the world. Uniting 71 member nations, it holds an annual World Esports Championship. To refresh its look with more appropriable elements, the IESF has recently unveiled a new logo.

The organization didn’t change its emblem since its inception. The original logotype represented just an IESF wordmark, featuring stylized lowercase letters with the “e” highlighted in red and shifted a bit downwards, accompanied by the lettering “International Esports Federation”. The wordmark for the new emblem, placed against a background of a bitmapped world map in a yellow shade, has been noticeably changed, featuring altered letterforms in a straight row, but kept the iconic highlighting for the “e”. Another remarkable element of the logo is a red edging with a black sector on the left side.

According to IESF’s president Vlad Marinescu, the new emblem is modern, sharp and passionate. Here, the map of the world emphasizes the global status of the federation. Overall, the logotype conveys the heritage of IESF, while bringing fresh traits into its image, and also symbolizes the organization’s commitment to improvement of esports.