Hilo: Smart energy of Hydro-Québec

The largest power company in Canada, Hydro-Québec, has recently presented a new service brand named Hilo. As its representatives say, the Hilo products will help to improve electric energy consumption.
Today, the dramatic development of technologies causes changes in many industries including the energy sector. The modern high-tech innovations allow consumers to take part more actively in energy use managing.

The Hilo services will start working next year, and will be available for individuals and companies. Including a conception of smart home management, they will essentially contribute to increase the efficacy level of energy consumption.
According to Eric Martel, Hydro-Québec’s CEO, thanks to Hilo, clients will be freer in the interaction with the company, and energy saving will allow to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and supply power to the areas outside Quebec.
As for the Hilo brand itself, pronounced in French, it sounds like the word “îlot” which means a tiny island. This is associated, in a sense, with self-sufficiency in a smart home where energy is used in an efficient and intelligent way. Apart from this, the “H” and ”O” graphically refers to the company’s name – Hydro-Québec.