Gucci’s new bizarre logo causes a backlash on social media

Recently, Gucci has attracted much attention by unveiling quite an uncommon logo that looks just like a child’s handwriting. Timed to coincide with the release of the Fall Winter 2020 Men’s Collection, the logotype has evoked controversial reactions on social media.

While some people made laugh at the extreme simplicity of the design solution, the others noticed that Gucci has taken a pretty bold step, breaking the clichés of the contemporary design methods. At least, it has made people talk about Gucci, and the fashion brand is in the news again.

Apart from the Gucci logo, the new collection was presented by an inscription in the same handwritten style as well as a short video that included vintage photographs featuring young children at birthday parties. In addition, Gucci has been running this promotional campaign under the slogan “Rave like you are five”. So, this certainly explains the childlike style for the visual brand elements.

Both the fashion brand’s new apparel collection, shown at Palazzo delle Scintille in Milan this Tuesday, and promotional materials were created by Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele who fills his works with faint notes of sensibility, mildness and fragility.