Get Ready For Winter: Designers Reveal Men’s Peacoats Trends 2020

If you are more into classics, you won’t imagine your wardrobe without a peacoat: probably, this is the most elegant male piece of clothing. What will be men’s peacoats trends in 2020? Designers share their ideas.
Get Ready For Winter: Designers Reveal Men’s Peacoats Trends 2020

Oversize Clothes Rule

The size of trendy peacoats can be described in one word – voluminous. Oversize clothes cause different emotions in men. Someone loves such stuff, someone does not like him at all. Select the right style for yourself: if you are quite conservative in clothing, oversize peacoat will rather make you feel awkward. It’s the thing for brave, self-asserting guys!

Length Does Not Really Matter

If you are a short guy, whatever you choose, the maximum recommended length is to the knee.A short coat looks good with any pants (the only exception is sportswear), and it can be worn at any age. In young men, a short peacoat will emphasize respectability and his status. For older men, a short peacoat can help to shake off a few years of age. Burberry and Ralph Laurent offer fantastic versatile models that would look perfect on any man.
According to designers, a long coat looks good on men whose height is above average. Such variant always looks more solid and attractive to the fair sex. Besides, long peacoats stay the main trend 2019-2020.

Soft Materials

The most popular fabrics of the new season are velvet and velour. Designers decided to add softness to stern men. Despite the fact that these fabrics are very cozy, warm and pleasant, men do not really like them. Those materials are hard to clean and maintain in shape, so you can select the classics:

  • Drape thick cloth is a soft woolen fabric that has several layers of weave.
  • Tweed is a coarser fabric, has its own pattern: speck or herringbone. Being very thick, tweed item will last more than one season.
  • Cashmere refers to woolen fabrics. It is lightweight and durable.

Now you know how to look trendy: buy a peacoat and you will look awesome whatever the weather is!