Formula 1 rolls out new sustainable visual identity

At the Brazil Grand Prix that recently took place in Sao Paolo, Formula 1 unveiled its new logo changing the color palette from red to green. The redesign has to clearly demonstrate the sustainable commitment of the racing competition.

Back in 2014, Formula 1 switched to hybrid engines, and it was an important step to build sustainable communications. To make its image even “greener”, the racing car championship has launched a new brand identity.

The traditional F1 typography in white is depicted against a green background with some gradient to blue. The imagery also features new slogans – “The world’s most efficient engine” and “Powered by hybrid since 2014” with the “HYBRID” designed in a custom typeface that obviously has to correspond to the speedy spirit of the racing.

The new brand look of Formula 1 is a kind of an announcement of the competition’s further technical innovations on its sustainable way. Apart from its high-performance engines with 52% efficiency, the championship will use the E10 synthetic fuel, beginning from 2022. In the next five years, the F1 racing cars will be powered by new hybrid motors with a larger electrical part as well as a 100% sustainable biofuel.