Florida State League has got a new logo a year after its 100th anniversary

The Florida State League after celebrations of its 100th anniversary last year presents a new logo. The league has been thinking of the logo refresh for several years and after the 100th year celebration, it was resolved to start the process of a new logo development.

The new logo was created by Fooser Sports Design, a Florida-based graphic design firm, and it is made in colours, usually associated with the state. After a few discussions the league took a decision to maintain the old colour scheme and let the FSL be the only one among the leagues, obtaining green and orange colour combination.


For the primary logo the organization chose the image which will in one way or other be connected with the state of Florida and its famous nickname as the ‘Sunshine State.’ The refined logo features baseball, presented in the form of the brightly shining sun, an outline of the state and palm trees.


This time the league will also have a unique secondary logo with team specific versions, varying by the colour of the 12 teams in the league, which they can customize for use at their discretion.