Fitness Trainers Reveal The Secrets Of Pre-Workout Food

Men and women lose weight differently due to their physiological peculiarities. Under equal conditions (proper nutrition and balanced workloads), extra pounds “go away” faster in men due to a higher level of testosterone. Thus, in order to lose weight more efficiently, you should take care of what you eat. Fitness trainers have recently revealed the secrets of pre-workout meals that help to lose extra pounds.
Fitness Trainers Reveal The Secrets Of Pre-Workout Food

What should women eat?

The most important thing that should be excluded before training is fat and foods with a high glycemic index (sugary drinks, pastries, lard, mayonnaise, grapes, pears, honey) to avoid their deposition in the form of subcutaneous fat.
Women are recommended to eat:

  • bananas
  • berries – raspberries, blueberries, blackberries;
  • whole wheat bread;
  • fruit smoothies, orange;
  • carrot;
  • low-calorie cottage cheese;
  • one egg per day.

The most rational option, as noted above, is eating complex carbohydrates. Adding protein to the diet is essential for building muscles.

What should men eat?

Complex carbohydrates are also shown to men before weight loss workouts, but protein must be added to replace fatty tissue. As an option, low-fat cottage cheese, a sandwich with chicken and herbs on a dry loaf, or a bowl of Kellogs grains will be great.
Products containing fat should not be consumed before fitness, but they must not be completely excluded it from the diet – the lack of fat in the diet negatively affects potency.
We eat before training:

  • lean meat (chicken, beef, turkey);
  • lean fish (cod, pollock);
  • whole grain cereals;
  • eggs
  • dairy products (cottage cheese, yogurt);
  • green fruits (apples, kiwi, unsweetened pears).

Men should also drink protein cocktails before workout. Banana is a great snack, as well. Despite the high content of fast carbohydrates, it is recommended to eat it before training due to the large amount of fiber.