First Tennessee becomes First Horizon with a new identity

In July, First Tennessee Bank holding the top spot on market capitalization in the state announced a rebranding that would be within the framework of its merger with FTN Financial, FTB Advisors and Capital Bank. The final act of the joining will take place on October 25th, when the united financial institution will officially be named First Horizon and get a new logo.

According to Bryan Jordan, First Horizon’s CEO, the brand changing won’t be disturbing for the clients of the bank. The transition will be done very smoothly and people will be able to observe obvious signs of improvement in the bank’s offices.
Mr. Jordan also told that the idea of the identity changing came after the company had acquired Capital Bank two years ago. Then, the bank’s management noticed that the First Tennessee trade name was not so effective for people from other states as they confused the two merged banks.
Renewing the brand, Memphis-based corporation will also update the information support set including a web-site and e-mail URLs, mobile applications and requisites for payees and credit offices. Also, the building signage will be changed. And, as the company has the naming rights for First Tennessee Park, the baseball park will get the First Horizon prefix.