Fight for Sight changes its look gathering strength

British charity Fight for Sight which has been funding researches in ophthalmology for about 55 years is going through tough times now. Over the last two years, its income has fallen by £1 million while the expenditures have reached the highest level since 2014. To change the situation, the charity’s management has proposed a strategic plan focused on investment attracting. Along with the new financial policy, Fight for Sight has introduced a new branding that has to play a positive role as well.

The charity’s new logo is created in color as distinct from the previous black-and-white “eye” logo. With a more contrasting design, it is readable even for people with eye disorders. For the new look, Fight for Sight collaborated with Spencer du Bois, a London-based design agency. The work on the identity lasted for nine month and didn’t require much expense.
As a Fight for Sight press release says, updating its image, the charity aims to make its “fight for sight” a common cause for the medical researchers who create remedies, patients who need help and people who are ready to donate funds for it. With this approach, the charity can be more than just a funding organization, it can turn into a real movement.