Fanhood: A uniting banner for basketball fans

Fanhood is an interesting web project aggregating news about basketball and particularly NBA. Once subscribed for the Fanhood newsletters, basketball fans can regulalry read articles written by authors who collaborate with serious media agencies like ESPN. The service is not just a fan club, it can be described as a kind of social media for basketball enthusiasts.

For promoting its own brand, Fanhood applied to Hoodzpah, a design company headquartered in Anaheim Hills, CA. The designers proposed a whole branding system distinguished with some refined elements that can differentiate Fanhood from other sports news brands. The web resource’s new identity gives a perception of intellectuality while showing, at the same time, the entertaining character of Fanhood.

Featuring a lettering in a special sans-serif typeface, the Fanhood logo is designed with some vintage motifs, looking, nevertheless, quite clear. The main element here is the F monogram reminding a waving flag which, according to Hoodzpah, is connected with the idea that sports can be something more than just a game. Like a banner, this phenomenon can unite and lead different people.
The branding for Fanhood is intended to tell its story with its basic principles. Making perceptive, curated and expressive content, the sports newsletter service aims to be a real fellowship of impassioned fans while creating unforgettable experiences and advocating style and substance.