Facebook introduces a new logo to be more recognizable as a company

Facebook has presented a new logo. The main goal of the rebrand is to differentiate Facebook as a company from Facebook as a social media. The logotype that will represent the company is a simple wordmark in an all-caps font. It is an unexpected simplicity for Facebook, whose motto is “Move fast and break things”, but at the same time, the logo shimmers with the colors of the rainbow as we can see it in a GIF version, and that should mean Facebook’s different products – the social media, Instagram, WhatsApp, and so on.

According to the Facebook’s statement, the new logotype was “designed for clarity” as the company needs its own image distinct from its apps. While added to company’s products, this brand name will clearly tell users that the social networking services or applications come from Facebook. The new design will appear on the social media and marketing materials during the coming weeks
As Facebook’s chief marketing officer Antonio Lucio said, due to the rebranding, the businesses and individuals will learn better the ownership frame of the company. Lucio also added that there was a proposal to change the company’s name but this idea was rejected and the presented logo appeared to be an acceptable solution of the identity issue.