Escambia County presents the 200th anniversary logo

The Escambia County is the oldest county in Florida. It was established on 17 July 1821. Celebrating the county’s 199th anniversary today and preparing to celebrate the nice round number of 200 years next year, the Escambia County Council has presented a new anniversary logo.

The commemorative logotype represents a roundel with the inscriptions “Escambia County” and “City of Pensacola” (the county’s seat) on the rim accompanied by the dates of 1821 and 2021. Inside, it contains the map of Florida with the historical boundary between the Escambia County and St. Johns County, marked by the Suwannee River then – both of them were the state’s two original counties established after the United States had received the whole Florida from Spain. The map, with a star showing the location of Pensacola, is depicted against the background of the American flag. The emblem also includes a ribbon with the words “200th anniversary”. The logo is designed in the patriotic blue-and-red color palette.
According to Steven Barry, the Escambia County Chairman, the “Big 200” celebration will be a momentous event for the entire community. All the information on the 200th anniversary will be available on a special web-site.