Disney reveals new 20th Century Studio logo

Having bought assets from Fox in March 2019, Disney continues rebranding its new divisions. Last month, we saw the company removing the word “Fox” from the names of 20th Century Fox and Fox Searchlight – the latter was renamed to Searchlight Pictures. Recently, the entertainment giant has rolled out a logo for 20th Century Studio.

The studio’s new introduction logo has been first demonstrated in a promotional video for “The Call of the Wild”. As the company’s renaming was announced just three weeks ago, the unveiled banner hasn’t appeared to be a big surprise. No change was made in its general design featuring the massive letterings – one on another – accordingly to the new name of the studio.
“The Call of the Wild”, scheduled to release on February 21st, will be the first film with the 20th Century Studio introduction. The movie, based on Jack London’s novel, tells the story of Buck, a St. Bernard-Scotch Collie mix who was stolen from a rancho in California and taken to Alaska where he met an experienced hunter named John Thornton (played by Harrison Ford).
The other movies that went into production before Disney had acquired the Fox studios will be released under the new brand as well. These include “The King’s Men”, “The New Mutants” (a sequel of “The X-Men”) and “West Side Story” directed by Steven Spielberg.