Dicsord updates visual identity, adding new service features

The VoIP and instant messaging platform Discord, which is primarily popular with gamers, has updated its visual identity including a logo, fonts and its branded “Blurple” color. The rebranding is connected with the renovation of the company’s web and mobile app technology.

The basic change about Discord’s branding concerns Clyde, the online service’s mascot. The robot-like character, resembling a gamepad, has received a boxier shape with broader traits, getting rid off its short antennas – such a design fits more for printed and digital material or merchandise. On the logo, Clyde will be accompanied with the Discord wordmark that was executed in a new typeface with proper rounded letterforms.

Discord has also altered its brand color palette. While the company said goodbye to matted and pastel hues and switched to bright colors, its iconic “Blurple” grew a bit darker and bolder.

Although the design updates are gradually being rolled out for desktop app users, the changes have already been integrated into the iOS and Android apps.

Discord’s technical innovations, reflected by the new visual identity, include such features as the Stage Channels dedicated to live audio events, Stage Discovery helping users easily find the channels they would prefer to join, and Threads, chats which will be displayed in threads.