Dearborn unveils a new logo evoking community backlash

The authorities of Dearborn, Michigan, spent a year, developing a new logo for the city. However, the result of their work evoked criticism from the residents.
Carrying out a marketing plan called “Dearnborn Reimagined”, the officials aimed to create a brand that would unify all the assets of the city, thereby stimulating the local economy. Almost 2,000 community members, including businesspersons and representatives of public institutions, were surveyed to work out Dearborn’s new look. The residents were encouraged to express their opinions on a special website which featured English and Arabic versions.

The updated logo unveiled on December 10th represents a “D” formed with colored blocks inside a hexagon. This mosaic design, according to Mary Laundroche, the head of the Public Information Department, symbolizes innovation, diversity and manufacturing history.
While the city officials seem to be satisfied with Dearborn’s refreshed identity, the logo has met critical feedback on social media. Not impressed much, people compaired it to a “nuclear fallout shelter sign” or a “Googled rubber stamp” and described it as a Waste Management logo, saying that the city authorities have problems with creativeness and interaction with the community.