Danville Braves roll out three new logos

The Appalachian League’s Danville Braves have released a statement announcing that they are going to bring some changes into their brand. According to David Cross, the team’s vice president, Danville Braves are updating their logotype to emphasize their affiliation to MLB’s Atlanta Braves as well as their important role in the Braves family.

The main idea of the Danville Braves’ rebranding can be seen in their new primary logo based on the emblem of their Atlanta affiliated counterparts, representing a roundel with the Braves and tomahawk symbol on it. This revamped badge is going to be used for commercial purposes.
In addition, new cap logotypes have been presented. The team’s new primary cap insignia dropped the tomahawk and represents a single “D” now. Along with white jerseys, the D-caps will make up the uniform for home games, while for away games, the players will put on gray jerseys and caps featuring an updated alternate emblem with the blue-deliniated “D” and the tomahawk inserted into its aperture – this should be a reminder of the ties of the Danville and Atlanta Braves.
The new-branded merchandise will be available at the American Legion Field stadium or on the team’s official website.