Dallas Stars Present Logo for 2020 Winter Championship

The Dallas Stars are going to connect its new logo for the upcoming Winter Classic with the past of Texas hockey. Unveiled on the 27th of September, the logo features most elements of the old Dallas Texans logotype.

The Texans played for one season in 1941-42. And during the period from 1945 to 1949 in the United States Hockey League.

What are the similar features between the Stars 2020 Winter Classic logo and that of the Texans? The word “STARS” (instead of “Texans”), which is put across the front of the logo, and the big “D” in the background, standing for the city of the team. In whole the Stars logo resembles the Texans design, paying a tribute to their predecessors. One more remarkable detail – the letter “A” in “STARS”, represented in the form of a star.