Crystal Mountain has renovated its logo before the new ski season

The Crystal Mountain Resort is preparing for the new season, which will begin in late November, approximately on the 22nd of Nov. So before guests come to enjoy skiing along the stiff slopes of the picturesque place, the Crystal has updated its logo to have a modern symbol for its printed announcements in the future season.

The new logo features traditional letters C and M as the centrepiece of the design. The iconic three summits with their ridges and peaks presented in the form of the mentioned above letters, standing for the resort name, only in the updated version they get a more angular shape. The Mount Rainier, no less famous for its breathtaking views, is also added to the emblem to show magnificent nature of the place.


For the new design nature inspired shades were chosen, such as Huckleberry Blue, Sunrise Yellow and Indian Paintbrush. The new colour scheme emphasizes the connection of the popular ski resort to the Pacific Northwest.


Along with the logo the Crystal Mountain renovated its website. The main page was redesigned to make the usage of the resource more comfortable. Now the menu is located in the left corner, the heading contains a weather widget and the search bar is put so that users could easily find it.