Climate Change Committee rolls out an unconventional visual identity

Established under the Climate Change Act in 2008, the Climate Change Committee is a public organization whose mission is to advise the UK’s governmental institutions on climate change issues. Trying to tell clearer and louder about environmental problems, CCC has updated its visual identity.
The CCC’s new branding, created by Templo, a London-based design studio, is based on the organization’s triple C acronym, and includes a logo representing three hemispheres painted in different colors. The color transition in the emblem from yellow to violet symbolizes the goal of the climate change tackling — to prevent global warming provoked by greenhouse gases and make the Earth’s atmosphere cooler.
The visual identity for the CCC is also made up by a series of images connected with climate data collecting and environment protection. These include wind turbines, a grid design, partially inspired by quantum mechanics, and tetrapods which are used in coastal engineering to prevent soil erosion.

According to Pali Palavathanan, Templo’s creative director, the designing team wanted to step aside from earth logo clichés, while creating visuals more engagingly telling about climate change monitoring and data analyzing. The designer also added that using the motifs exploiting data and tools are rarely seen in the environmental sector.