City of Springfield unveils new identity

On Tuesday, the authorities of the City of Springfield, Ohio, presented a new city brand including a logo.

Springfield’s new logo is designed in dark and light shades of blue and features the lettering “City of Springfield” in serif and sans-serif typefaces, the tagline “Forward together”, that is new for the city brand identity, as well as a shape of Ohio. All the elements are separated from each other by geometrical lines that give the perception of sharpness, clearness and solidity.

The renovation of the city’s visual identity has been carried out by Hucklebuck Design, a Springfield-based studio with many years of experience in developing brands for many local institutions. To create a new look for the city, the officials were surveying the community members that assisted to draw up the design strategy and set of messages to incorporate into the refreshed brand of Springfield.

Thus, the basic messages of the city’s emblem are unity, optimism and resilience. This is emphasized by the tagline “Forward together” expressing the community’s aspiration to comprehensive improvements of the life in Springfield.

According to Valerie Lough, the brand project’s coordinator, the City takes pride that the new identity is a result of the cooperation of the officials, designers and