Citroën will allegedly change its logo in 2021

According to some French media, Citroën is going to introduce a new logo in 2021. The version of the chevron emblem the company is using for the communicative purposes may become the main logotype of Citroën.

To be honest, the marque didn’t make any hints at a possible logo change. The assumption about a new Citroën emblem was based on how frequently the firm is using the redesigned logo in its promotional materials.
Surely, it deals with the chevrons, an iconic symbol chosen by the automaker’s founder as a tribute to the company’s pre-automotive era when Citroën produced chevron-shaped helical gears.
In the new version of the logo, we can see finely redrawn chevrons circumscribed by an oval. All of this represents a refreshed iteration of the original Citroën emblem being in accordance with the modern “flat design” tendencies.

This logo was created in 2019 to celebrate Citroën’s centenary. In particular, it was used for the Origins special series as well as the 19_19 concept car. The emblem also appeared on the jerseys of a cycling team, that was sponsored by the French car maker and the insurance company AG2R, instead of the logo with thick chevrons we know and see in Citroën’s advertisements or on its website.