Churchill Insurance brings changes into its brand and mascot in order to recover popularity

Trying to keep up with the contemporary price-oriented market, Churchill Insurance has launched rebranding and an advertising campaign featuring its mascot, Churchie the bulldog, who’s undergone a CGI-makeover.

As an audience research shows, Churchill has recently lost its edge, although it has always been considered as the “most-liked” insurer. This can be explained with the fact that today, more people looks for better insurance offers through the websites that display more affordable prices. So, to regain its positions, the company has taken a decision to bring some changes into its image. And the main role here is given to Churchie.

In a TV advertisement, Churchie is rolling down a street on a skateboard. The dog is looking very calm as if he wants to show what people should look like with real insurance. Then Churchill’s new brand name appears – “Chur-chill”.

For the logo, Churchie has been 3D-drawn. Digitally changed, he has a fresher look that will help the company to meet today’s audience.

As Lucy Brooksbank, Churchill’s marketing manager, admits, while being reliable, the brand still was deficient of any special trait. So, Churchill Insurance expects the rebranding to bring distinctiveness to the company’s brand and to move it closer to customers.