Chattanooga’s McKamey Animal Center rolls out new identity

Launched in 2009, the McKamey Animal Center is an institution that provides animal adoption, protecting services as well as educational programs for people. Serving the animal community of Chattanooga and fighting against neglect and cruelty, it is following the principles of compassion and community engagement.

Ahead of 2020, MAC is carrying out a rebranding in hope that the new image will help explain people how important its work is.The basic ideas for the center’s activity are expressed in a new logo representing a paw with a heart-shaped pad inside a home. According to Mindy Kolin, MAC’s Director of Development, this emblem is a reflection of the fact that the goal of the non-profit’s members is to find a home for every animal that comes to the shelter.

Although the McKamey Animal Center receives financial support from the City of Chattanooga, it is going to make the rebranding at its own expense. Beginning from January 1st 2020, the new logo will appear on the organization’s signage, vehicles and t-shirts for the staff. As Mrs. Kolin said, all of this may cost several thousand dollars, but to save money, MAC will be making the brand changing arrangments progressively over the next year.