Briarwood Products rolls out new brand identity

Situated in the Business Park area of Highbridge, County of Somerset, Briarwood Products is a quite successful company that is involved in the agricultural sector and supplies materials from fibre cement. While developing its services, the enterprise is changing its brand to convey its confident place on the market.

Briarwood Products started as a small farm service business forty years ago, adopting the logo with which it became the UK’s largest company selling Eurosix Fibre Cement Sheets. Featuring a roofing sheet, the badge was demostrating the basic merchandise of the company.
Advancing into a new business level with a wider product range made Briarwood Products think of updating its identity. The company’s new logo represents a pentagon resembling a house with a red roof that pays a tribute to Briarwood’s farming origins. Also, the new branding has been supplemented with the tagline “Building Agriculture” reflecting a greater choice of building materials for farmery.
According to Oliver Janes, Briarwood’s director, the upgraded look of the company tells clearer about its products and role for farming communities. Along with the new visual brand, Briarwood will soon present a redesigned website with more detailed information about its offerings.